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Dear User!
We take care of your privacy and we want you to feel comfortable while using our services. That is why below we present you the most important information on the rules of using your personal information and cookies, that are used in our shop. This information was prepared considering the principles set out in the general regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) on data protection (GDPR).

PIOTR KACAŁA, the entrepreneur running the business activity under the name Piotr Kacała GRAFIKOMP - WEB, added to the Central Registration and Information on Business due to the right Ministry responsible for matters of economy and running the Central Registration and Information on Business. Tax Number (NIP) 7841412874, National Official Business Register Number (REGON) 362759233, Address: ul. Różana 40, 62-220 Niechanowo.

If you want to create user’s account and use our services, you will be asked to give us your personal information. Your personal data are processed by us only for below listed purposes, connected to the shop’s functioning and providing services that are offered (“Services”).

Purpose of processing information:

According to what you decide, it can be:
• providing services offered in the shop;
• realisation of your order;
• direct marketing of offered services, other than Newsletter;
• sending the Newsletter.

Base for processing information:

• Sales contract or actions undertaken on your command, leading to entering a contract (paragraph 6 section 1b of GDPR).
• Legal obligation connected with accounting (paragraph 6 section 1c of GDPR).
• Your agreement submitted in the shop (paragraph 6 section 1a of GDPR).
• Contract for providing services or actions undertaken on your command, leading to entering a contract (paragraph 6 section 1b of GDPR).
• Our business, justified by the law, that consists of processing information in order to constitute, investigate or protect potential claims (paragraph 6 section 1f of GDPR).
• Our business, justified by the law, that consists of direct marketing (paragraph 6 section 1f of GDPR).
• Our business, justified by the law, that consists of processing information for analytical and statistical purposes (paragraph 6 section 1f of GDPR).
• Our business, justified by the law, that consists of studying our clients’ satisfaction (paragraph 6 section 1f of GDPR).

Giving the information:

Voluntary, but in some cases may be essential to enter the contract.

Outcome of withdrawing from giving the information:

Depending on the purpose of giving them:
• lack of possibility to register in the shop;
• lack of possibility to use the services provided in the shop;
• lack of possibility to do shopping in the shop;
• lack of possibility to get information about discounts and special offers in the shop.

Possibility to withdraw the agreement:

in every moment.

Processing information to the moment of your acceptance withdrawal is due to the law.


In our shop we can automatically suit some content to your needs, which means we can personalise it, using the personal information which you had given.
In case if this personalisation could cause making decisions that put on you some legal effects or affect you in a similar way, we would personalise the content only with your agreement.
Remember that in any given moment you can withdraw your agreement. Processing information to the moment of your acceptance withdrawal is due to the law.


Your personal information would be processed only within the period in which we have a legal base for doing so. That is the moment in which:
• we would stop being legally obliged to process your data;
• a possibility to constitute, investigate or protect potential claims connected with the contract entered into by the client and the shop would be stopped;
• you withdraw your agreement to process your data, if that was the basis for these actions;
• your objection regarding processing personal information would be submitted - in case if it was the basis for these actions was a justified admin’s business or if the information was processed in direct marketing purposes, including personalisation
depending on what is applicable in a given case and what happens at the latest.


While processing your personal information we use organizational and technical means in accordance with the appropriate law regulations, including usage of SSL Certificate to encrypt the connection.


You have a right to demand:
• access to your personal information;
• correcting your personal information;
• deleting your personal information;
• reducing processing of your personal information;
• relocating your personal information to another admin.
And also, to object processing of your personal information anytime:
• because of your specific situation - regarding processing of your personal information, based on paragraph 6 section of GDPR (which is the legally justified business realised by the admin), including personalisation basing on these regulations;
• if personal information is processed for purposes of direct marketing, including personalisation in the range of processing information connected with this direct marketing.
Contact us if you want to use your rights.
If you consider that your personal information is being processed unlawfully, you may make a statement in supervisory organs.


Our shop, like majority of internet websites, uses so called cookies. These files:
• are saved in the memory of your device (computer, mobile etc.) and enable you to, among others, use all the functions of the shop;
• do not make any changes in your device’s settings.
Using proper options of your browser, you can anytime:
• delete cookies files;
• block using them in the future.
In our shop we use cookies for:
• remembering information concerning your session;
• statistics;
• marketing purposes;
• sharing the shop’s functions.
To find out more on how to manage cookies, for instance on how to switch them off in your browser, you may use help section in your browser. To get information about it, press F1 in the browser. Moreover, you will find some good tips on the subpages, depending on which browser you use:
Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer / Microsoft Edge.
More on cookies may be found in Wikipedia.


We use some external subjects that may receive your personal information. Below you will find the list of possible receivers of your personal information:
• deliverer of the software essential to run the online shop;
• subject realising delivery of products;
• payment deliverer;
• accounting office;
• deliverer of the software that enables running the enterprise (for instance accounting software);
• subject ensuring mailing system;
• rightful public authorities in a range in which the admin is obliged to disclose information to them.


You want to use your entitlements concerning your personal information?
Or maybe you just want to ask us something connected with or Privacy Policy?
Write an email to:

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